TPR – Cross-Cultural Psychological Consultancy in English

TPR (Cross-Cultural Psychological Consultancy) is a non-governmental organisation providing psychological counselling, treatment and social support to all, particularly to immigrant from any nationality. Our employees are made of qualified and professionals with experience of different ethnic background. We speak Danish, English, Persian (Farsi), Turkish, Azari and other languages are provided by freelance staff.

TPR aims to achieve social integration, help and support to refugees and ethnic minorities. We are specialised in helping those with psychological difficulties and psychiatric problems. We also carry out activities aiming at preventing suicide among ethnic minorities, working closely with Danish government, who also provide funding. (During 2020 we do NOT accept any referrals)

Our main working areas are;

·Cross-Cultural training to NHS personnel and other groups working with immigrants

·Research, raising awareness activities and social integration

·Emphasising the contribution of ethnic minorities to the host society

·Bridging with main health providers (information on how to register with a GP, to see a specialist, benefit rights, etc.)

·Empowerment group

·We can help people in their own environment with our mobile institution facilities

·Family therapy including couples, children, or any other family members

· Providing counselling to those with problem such as, depression, grievance, stress, crisis, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), and any other physiological difficulties

We have achieved our experience by working very closely with other countries’s NGO in EU, East Europe, and Middle-East . We have successfully implemented a telephone support line in Bulgarian Red Cross, and carried out a comparative research with Italian refugees counselling (CIR) in conjunction with Danish Red Cross.

We are authorised and registered with Danish Government and Danish Psychologist union.

For further information on our services please contact Aut. Clinical Psychologist Mansour Esfandiari, Managing Director of TPR. Member of Danish Psychological Association(DP) and American Psychological Association (APA)

Mailing address.  TPR Fruebjergvej 3, 2100 Copenhagen.

Tel.:+45  4033 59 47   Email:  TPR@TPR.DK